Selling through SU website

Does your club want to sell tickets to an event?
Want to raise some money with a calendar?
We're here to help!
On this page you'll find some helpful information on selling through our website.
There's a little paperwork so first make sure you download the product listing form and the budgeting spreadsheet if you are running an event.
Most things sold via our clubs and socs have VAT implications and we appreciate this can be a little confusing.  To help you out, the budgeting spreadsheet calculates VAT charges and refunds for you.  If you just want to list some products VAT is a bit simpler and a quick email to the SU Treasurer or SU Admin Assistant will be able to clarify your VAT status.
There are some small charges for selling online.  Currently website fees are 1.8% of sales, with a flat rate $20 per month charge for any events.
You will need to plan ahead a little as we need at least 14 days notice to guarantee we can list your products on time.
If you need anymore information or you've filled out the forms and are ready to list your products, please email
Tickets Listing Form
Products Listing Form